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Are you ready to let go of feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and be free of getting triggered by certain people or situations? Deepak Chari, M.S. at Chari Center of Health in Encinitas, California customizes a program for you with an advanced Biofeedback and Bio-communication Technology & Program to help you release unconscious limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns. As a result, you can quickly release stress and anxiety, have greater peace of mind and creativity, mental focus and concentration, and energy. Enhance your relationships, self-confidence and business success!

Stress and Anxiety Relief Q & A

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What is anxiety? 

Most people experience anxiety periodically. It’s a fairly natural and sometimes healthy response to a stressful event. When you’re anxious, your body’s “fight or flight” mechanism is triggered by the anxiety. This sends adrenaline and other hormones coursing through your system to help you prepare for a perceived threat, such as a vehicle veering out of its lane on a crowded freeway. Your heart and respiratory rate increase, muscles tighten, and blood pressure climbs to help you fight or flee.

What happens when you have anxiety?

Anxiety is sometimes triggered by worry over danger that doesn’t actually exist, such as the possibility of being trapped in an elevator or other enclosed space. Your body responds to your mind’s perception of danger and automatically goes into overdrive to help you survive the threat. These physical symptoms can occur even if you’re just thinking about using an elevator.

To complicate matters, physical changes prompted by stress also increase the sensation of anxiety. This can send you into an endless loop of feeling even more anxious as your body responds physically to your stress and worry. Past trauma or abuse, a poor diet, lack of exercise, hormone imbalances, and other medical conditions increase stress and may lead to anxiety.  

How do you release anxiety?

Deepak Chari, MS, an engineer and certified biofeedback specialist can help you learn how to control your body’s “flight or fight” response and release your emotional triggers and reactivity to people and events with his advanced biofeedback technology and program.

How does biofeedback help?

Medical research shows that biofeedback is an extremely effective, natural remedy for treating anxiety, chronic pain, elevated blood pressure, and a multitude of other medical conditions. You will learn various ways to reverse these unwanted responses of stress and anxiety. Whenever you take a deep breath to calm your nerves, you use a simplistic form of biofeedback. 

Deepak Chari can help you advance your skills to slow your heart rate and breathing, relax your muscles, and prevent anxiety from taking control of your thought processes by shifting your perception with his program and advanced biocommunication technology using the sound of your voice. 

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