5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

Since we spend up to 40 hours a week or more at work, we thought you might enjoy some easy ways to stay healthy and active at the office!

  • Don’t skip lunch. Be sure to eat a healthy, nourishing lunch everyday. Ayurveda (ancient science of health & healing) states that lunch should be your most important meal of the day. Your digestive energy is at its peak during the afternoon.
  • Every 30 minutes get up from your desk and walk for 2-5 minutes then briefly stretch. Move your head up and down and side to side. Stand up and bend backwards and forwards to prevent back stiffness. This will keep you alert and will help to release stress.
  • Keep a bottle of purified water (ideally in a glass bottle not plastic) next to you and slowly sip and drink 8 ounces of water every 1-2 hours. Avoid drinking water too fast. This will keep you hydrated and releases fatigue. Yes you will need to use the restroom more often but that will get you off your chair every hour to walk!
  • Don’t use snack and soda machines. Keep healthy snacks on your desk such as a bag or bowl of seeds, nuts and fresh or dried fruits along with that water bottle!
  • Keep beautiful relaxing picture(s) on your desk and look at them from time to time. This is a simple way to release stress and bring a smile on your face.
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