5 Ways To Prevent Pms Symptoms Naturally Part 3

Some of the causes of PMS includes stress, hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies.

* Be sure to also read Parts I & II to discover the symptoms and
tests for causes of PMS!

Top 5 Ways to Prevent PMS Symptoms…. Naturally

#1 Do Not Skip Meals
Skipping meals when you have PMS can be disastrous because it drops your blood sugar and energy levels. Then your physical and emotional cravings for sweets and processed foods increases and it is tempting to turn to these foods to satisfy your hunger.

Skipping meals will also only worsen and aggravate headaches, irritability and bloating. Avoid letting your body get to the point of cravings!

Solution: Eat 3 nourishing meals and snack on healthy food in between meals to balance your blood sugar levels.

#2 Vitamin-B Rich Foods
Foods that are rich in Vitamin B and in particular Vitamin B6, can help with many PMS symptoms including bloating, food cravings, fatigue & exhaustion and mood swings.

Solution: Eat a handful of nuts and/or yogurt with a banana. In addition eat eggs from pasture raised or free-range chickens (humanely certified) or sweet potatoes and spinach. Beans are also an important addition to your diet.

#3 Eat Healthy Fats
Fats are important, it is just a matter of eating healthy fats! Studies have shown that women taking supplements with essential fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids decrease PMS symptoms.

Solution: Be sure to eat healthy fats (avocados, nuts, olive oil and wild salmon) and consider supplementing with flaxseed oil, walnut oil or very high quality fish or calamarine oil .

#4 Increase Your Potassium
By adding fresh fruit and vegetables to every meal, it is easy to increase your potassium intake to alleviate symptoms of PMS.

Solution: Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad with bananas, cantaloupe and oranges.

#5 Eat Water-rich foods
Dehydration increases stress and inflammation in your body and aggravates PMS symptoms. Add foods that have a high water content to your diet.

Solution: Make a snack plate with fresh celery, sliced cucumbers, carrot sticks and red bell peppers.

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