The Only Nutritional & Functional Brain Health Assessment

A Healthy Brain Equals a Healthy Life


Measure the Health & Function of your Brain & Nervous System

With the BrainSpan Neuro Health assessment, you will receive a detailed nutritional profile, that determines the cellular and inflammatory health of your brain and body. This then links these areas to specific aspects of your brain's function.

Valid....... Precise.......Actionable: These are the hallmarks of the BrainSpan test and report.

The Neuro Health assessment is simple and thorough. You will see the relation between nutrition, inflammation and brain function.

You will also see how your brain functions with:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Cognition

The ability to measure, track and improve brain function and key biomarkers has profound implications for your overall health!



Optimal health focuses on improving cellular health & function of your nervous system

BrainSpan’s Assessment quantifies two types of neurological health.

The benefits of BrainSpan are: 

1) Cell nutritional health - using a home test to measure four fatty acid biomarkers: 

➢ Find out the nutritional health of the cell membrane

2) Functional brain health - this is a 15 minute interactive online test to measure attention, memory, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility of your brain!

➢ Measure how efficiently your brain is organizing and regulating its functions

The NeuroHealth™ assessment is based on over 100 peer reviewed studies.


Brain Health is the way to produce optimal health for the rest of the body 

A Wellness Summary is provided which Dr. Chari will review with you so you can understand what your results really mean for you today and for your future if you don't take steps to improve it.

Dr. Chari will guide you on what to do so you can improve total mind body health and actually change cognitive decline over time!  You will see and experience a healthy resilient life!

Lowering total body inflammation and optimizing brain function is critical for optimal health.

Now with clinically valid metrics from BrainSpan, this can be achieved with precision.

With BrainSpan.......Measure......Track......Optimize

Remember the health of your brain determines the health of your body and quality of life!    


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