Do you Hunch Over?

We are going to start with a “Posture Challenge”

Your posture has a VERY powerful impact on how you act and feel – how deeply you breathe, your energy levels, your mood and believe it or not….. even your level of confidence!

This week, we’re going to focus on our posture and pay attention to any bad habits we’ve picked up over the years.

* This is very personal to us because our mother over the years of sitting at the front desk hunched over affected her posture. This combined with stress caused her to develop the posture where her neck is protruding out. However, thankfully we are in the process of reversing this!

** We want to make sure that you are proactive to prevent these issues from developing! This is preventable and reversible!!

When you were a teenager, did you have anyone tell you to stand up or sit up straight? Well as adults, we might need that helpful voice even more! Especially nowadays as we are hunched over our computers, cell phones and other gadgets!

Now pretty much everything we do (from sitting at the computer to driving in a car) works AGAINST us when it comes to having good posture – if we’re not careful.

More doctors are seeing first hand the damaging effects of frequent smartphone and computer use on the neck and back.The frequent use of smart devices & social media has forced individuals into a forward head posture. If left untreated, this can cause the spine to degenerate and even become arthritic!

It’s too easy to lose focus on your posture…. and before you know it, your shoulders start going forward, your lower back starts to hurt, and your hips get tight. This leads to other complications such as decreased circulation.

Then when circulation is decreased, you start to experience back and neck pain and lose the ability to stay focused and motivated. You may experience more stress, your mood will be affected, digestion will suffer…. and that list is just for starters!

Try this: “Good” posture means that you stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis in a balanced position – (i.e., not pushing front or back). Keep your chest tall and your shoulders slightly back, chin in neutral position (not pushing your chin forward).

Test your Posture:

  1. Stand with the back of your head against a wall
  2. Place your heels heels 6 inches from the wall
  3. Your buttocks and shoulder blades should touch the wall.
  4. There should be less than 2 inches between your neck or small of your back and the wall. A larger gap indicates bad posture and a curving spine.

Below is a quick guide from the National Academy of Sports Medicine:

How did you do? It’s trickier than you think! If you have an imbalance, it can be really hard to get everything lined up the way it is supposed to be. Getting it right can require time, attention to your posture, and most importantly patience!

So, your challenge this week is to work to improve your posture!

Try this: Whenever you CHECK THE TIME, check your posture!

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