Fun Facts About The Human Body Your Heart Part 2

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What is in my Heart? Your heart is made up of 4 different areas called chambers and is divided into a right and left side. The right and left sides of the heart have important separate functions.

The right side of the heart brings blood from the body that needs more oxygen and pumps it to the lungs where it picks up oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

The left side of the heart then collects oxygen rich blood from the lungs and then pumps it out to the body so that the cells throughout your body get the important oxygen they need to function properly!

There are 2 chambers on each side of your heart: one chamber is on top and one chamber is on the bottom.

The 2 chambers on the top of your heart are called atria. The heart has both a right and left atrium. The atria are chambers that fill up with the blood that returns to the heart from the body and lungs.

The 2 chambers on the bottom of your heart are called ventricles. The heart has both a right ventricle and left ventricle. The job of the ventricles is to pump blood out to the lungs and body. The right and left side of your heart is separated by thick wall of muscle called the septum.

4 Chambers of your Heart: The atria and ventricles of your heart work together like a team! The atria fill up with blood, then pump it into the ventricles. The ventricles then fill up with blood and pump blood out of the heart.

It is so coordinated so that as the ventricles (lower chambers of your heart) are pumping blood out, the atria (upper chambers of your heart) refill with blood and get ready to contract.

Stay tuned for the next article where we will talk about the very important arteries that keep your heart strong and healthy!

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