How To Create A Stress Free Holiday

The holidays are here! Though it is a wonderful time of year, it can also be very stressful. For example, you may have several invitations for gatherings, need to send holiday cards, have to buy gifts for family and friends and you might be entertaining. All of this, on top of your normal everyday hectic life routine. It can be overwhelming!

We wanted to share with you some of our personal favorite ways to make this season a lot more enjoyable, less stressful and a time you will remember with fond memories.

Here are some practical holiday tips…

(1.) Be truly present. We understand it can be difficult. For instance, do you constantly check your phone and scroll through Facebook or email when you have a free moment?

a.) One way to avoid this temptation is to leave your electronics (cell phones, ipads) in your purse or jacket. Avoid the temptation to pick up your phone and not communicate with people at the gatherings. Your time with loved ones is so precious! Remember, you can always go back to your phone later.

b.) When you are feeling pulled in all directions, what really helps is to focus on your senses. For example: What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel? This way you will feel more grounded.

Normally, we regret past events that have occurred in our life or we get anxious thinking about future events that haven’t even happened. The end result is we are not enjoying the present moment we are in.

Focusing on your senses is a wonderful tool to use year-round, not just during the holidays.

(2.) Let go of expectations. Spiritual teachers have stated: “Expectation reduces joy”. What a true statement.A lot of the stress we put on ourselves in the holiday seasons is because we expect things to be perfect.

That would be great, of course – but things happen when people get together. There are many people in one house with different personalities and points of views (especially politics). Avoid discussing politics, this can ruin your holiday fun! Watch inspiring Christmas movies on Hallmark instead of the news. The news will get on your nerves and create more unnecessary anxiety and stress!

Remember, when you let go of “perfection”, this will allow you to relax and be prepared if something may spring up.

There is happiness to be found in each situation (if you keep looking:). So even when things don’t go exactly as planned – spend your energy finding gratitude in your circumstances and enjoy your time as much as you can. “Tis the season to be jolly”!

(3.) Find time to move. It’s incredibly important to keep movement in your schedule, no matter how busy you may feel.

Even if it’s just a quick brisk walk after lunch or dinner – make it a habit to bundle up to go for a walk to clear your mind alone or with someone you enjoy being around.

Be sure that you are getting your time outside in nature, breathing in fresh air, while burning off some calories and keeping your heart rate up. Being in nature is so healing and relaxing!

What are your favorite ways to get some movement in during the holidays?
Remember to keep things simple, such as even doing a few simple yoga stretches. It will keep you focused yet very relaxed and calm.

Create your own magical, special holidays this season!

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