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"Got off my Anti-Depressants!…I have an excitement about life again!"*

“Since coming to your sessions I have been able to get off my anti-depressants! I feel much more confident, calm and peaceful."


All the work we’ve done has made me more aware of the words others are saying.

I am more aware of the things I am saying. I am able to let go of the past and there is no more emotional charge when thoughts or discussions of the past come up.

All the sessions I have had with you, are causing me to feel grounded,
steady, unmoved. I never dreamed that I would ever be able to stop taking anti-depressants. I have an excitement about life again. I started running again! It feels so good to do what I used to enjoy! Thank you so much for helping me.

I know that for the rest of my life I don’t have to look back and feel sad, I can live in the now with happiness!”

Marlene Morelli
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. * 

"Lost 19 lbs, More energy, Joint pains gone & Clear skin!" *

I am very impressed with “In spite of an active lifestyle including hiking, biking and teaching Yoga and Zumba, I had not been able to achieve or maintain weight loss. The Chari Center DNA Weight Loss program with Dr. Chari has changed that for me. I have lost 19 lbs so far.*

But more important than that are the unexpected health gains! I have increased energy levels, better quality of sleep, the joint aches and pains in my knees and back are gone and my skin has never been so clear. The best part is that I am eating delicious and nutritious food and never go hungry.

Thank you, Dr. Chari & Chari Center of Health. You live up to the name!”

– Carol Whitehurst RN, MN
Director of Nursing Casa Dorinda
Montecito, California

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lost weight, have plenty of energy, no fatigue, fall asleep easily, look younger, not anxious, greater mental focus & achieved milestones in my business!" *


I am very impressed with the Chari Center of Health, I have had consultations with both Dr. Chari and Deepak Chari.

Dr. Chari was thorough and professional and came up with a personalized program to address my health concerns. Dr. Chari’s program has helped me in so many areas in my life, including losing excess weight, having plenty of energy and no fatigue after a long day of work. I fall asleep very easily and have a deep restful sleep, wake up refreshed in the morning and people have ever commented that I look years younger!

After working with Deepak Chari with his advanced biofeedback technologies, I’ve achieved milestones in my business, greater self-confidence, improved my problem-solving abilities at work & my presentations are more powerful. I also have more mental calmness, clarity, focus & enhanced creativity. I’m not anxious even with stressful situations!

Working with Dr. Chari and Deepak has been great for my personal life & professional career. The Chari Center has literally changed my life for the better!

Mike Peters, Sales Director
Worldwide Supply, LLC

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"As a result of this process ......I am now engaged!" *

“I am very pleased with the results of my Life Transformation Technology sessions with Deepak Chari. I had been experiencing some relationship anxiety which has greatly resolved as a result of participating in Deepak's biofeedback sessions.

During the sessions I felt layers of past programming release from my consciousness and now have much more clarity and freedom of expression in both my personal and business relationships. I also feel the sessions have contributed to increased creativity and self expression and a life changing self understanding. I now experience a greater compassion for myself which spills over into an appreciation and understanding of others.

As a result of this process I became more open to the next step of commitment in my relationship and am now engaged!

We also recently purchased a new home and I believe that Deepak's process allowed me to resolve some issues which occurred during the escrow and created a situation supportive of a successful sales process.

Deepak is a genuinely caring and gifted practitioner and I am greatly impressed with the results”.

Kathryn P.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“… Changed my Life and My Business!” *


“I’ve been working with Deepak Chari for 3 sessions and it’s changed my life and my business.

For most of my life, I’ve felt an uncomfortable tightness in my solar plexus that affected my voice. I’m an executive producer and show host on WMAX.TV. At times I would even start coughing and choke on my words.

For most of my life, my parents said, “I don’t like that tone young lady.”

Deepak’s LTTP (Life Transformation Technology Program) did resolve the difficulties I encountered while expressing myself but it had some other amazing side effects too.

His Program opened up a funnel of creativity that I didn’t have before. I’ve downloaded and written 2 books and there’s another one in the works. I had been trying to write for 2 years and wrote it in only 2 days after receiving my second session. On the third day, I received a download for the book cover and everyone loves it!

I promote Massive Visibility for Massive Income and just sold my first High Ticket Program to a client in New Zealand proving to all of my clients that what I teach really works.

I had had lower back pain, due to an injury at 7 years old, and it’s completely gone!

An Executive producer, for a TV show in New York, called to request that I appear on her show. After only 5 minutes she said out of the clear blue, “I have to tell you. I just love your voice.”

I created a 5 part video course in just 9 days for my Compel Don’t Sell 2-Day Intensive with material that I hadn’t even thought of before.

I want to thank Deepak Chari for his amazing Life Transformation Technology Program and suggest to anyone reading this testimonial that you consider his program very seriously. Imagine how it might change your life!”

Shirlene Reeves
Certified Financial Educator & Executive producer
Show host on WMAX.TV & Publisher of Wealthy Woman Magazine
San Diego, California

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"After working with Dr. Chari, my migraine headaches are gone!"

My headaches are gone! Blood pressure is normal.... and I lost 16 lbs! I also have more energy and no longer crave sugar.....

I am very grateful to Dr. Roopa Chari and pleased to offer this testimonial.

I first came to Dr. Chari because I suffered from daily chronic migraines. Several times per month the migraines would become so severe that I was in bed. I have been suffering from these migraines for 20 years.

I was also concerned about my weight which had crept up to a point that I did not feel comfortable with. I felt that the weight was not realistic for me. It didn't feel like me. I was also experiencing hot flashes several times per day.

After working with Dr. Chari, I do not get migraines anymore! I have also lost 16 pounds and I am almost down to what I consider my best weight. The best part is that all of this took place very smoothly and easily. I did make changes in some of the foods I was eating that were not in harmony with my body.

I did not ever go hungry or suffer in any way. This has all been a very pleasant process and every day I keep feeling better. I have more energy and no longer crave sugar and naps in the afternoon. I feel right in my body again and much healthier.

My blood pressure is normal, headaches are gone, weight has normalized, no more hot flashes and I no longer hurt all over as I did when I first came to Dr. Chari.

Thank you, Dr. Chari!

Shawna Allard
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"...Changed my life!"* 


“Deepak has truly changed my life by helping me dissolve a lifelong anger I held from childhood to adulthood.


My resentment towards my mother could be set off by the mention of her name, causing me emotional and physical stress. It was unhealthy and upsetting, to say the least, but my sessions with Deepak not only cleared my anger but made me feel compassion and understanding towards my mother (who passed over 20 years ago!).

The sense of relief and freedom I feel from no longer being anchored to this horrible angry emotion has increased my quality of life. I'm happier, feel less stress and have more empathy towards those I wouldn't before.

I highly recommend having Deepak clear what may be harming and holding you back from the truly fulfilling life you deserve.


I am grateful every day that I made this choice, it was one of the best decisions of my life."

Lisa Darsonval
Santa Barbara Matchmaking & Coaching
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

 "Exhaustion, Fatigue & Anxiety Gone!" *


“Prior to coming to the Chari Center, I was exhausted with severe adrenal fatigue, anxiety & food sensitivities. After going to the Chari Center, I had so much energy that I started playing soccer, yoga and going to the gym every day, travel and have fun with friends, applied to Grad School, got off the medications, felt great about myself, was motivated to become fluent in other languages and I am currently working in San Francisco!

Jonathan Sorgman
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"From extreme anxiety, fear and panic attacks from traumatic event to a great deal of peace now ...and I am more confident than ever and at ease with life! *


"I have found Deepak Chari’s biofeedback and bio-communication technology program to be very beneficial for me during a difficult time in life. When I first started the program with Deepak, I was suffering from extreme anxiety, fear, and panic attacks from a traumatic event. It was nearly debilitating and caused me to go on a temporary medical leave of absence from work. 

I am in the music profession and was intrigued that using my own modality I use everyday, (music) or the special application of harmonic tones might help me. I was convinced Deepak’s program would help me as I noticed an improvement how I felt after the first session. After each succeeding appointments, I felt more and more better and it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I am at a great deal of peace now as a result of the sessions.

The fears that were once forefront and strong have now diminished into a small memory in my mind. I am more confident than ever and much more at ease with life in general. I recommend others to try Deepak’s biofeedback program. He is also a fabulous listener and really knows how to help! I am grateful I found Deepak Chari!"

Jennifer Marakovits 
Encinitas, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“I noticed I was much calmer, centered & focused...... profound results"

“I am ever so grateful for Deepak's Life Transformation Program! I was going through communication challenges at work, running into self-doubt barriers while working on launching my business, and strained relationships. It affected my attitude and stalled my progress in achieving my goals.

I knew I needed to do something different. I began Deepak's program and within a few sessions I noticed I was much calmer, centered, and focused.

The most profound results of going through his program was the improved communication at work, the increased progress in launching my business and the fact I am now speaking to two family members that I had not spoken to for a number of months because of a disagreement!

Look for my next testimonial as I will be continuing with Deepak's program to unlock even more doors to achieve more success and to catapult my career/business to the next level!"

J.C. Preciado
Buelton, CA

“Lost 7.5 lbs, 6.5 inches…effortless and easy!” *


“Dr. Chari is excellent! I have been in search for a healthcare professional who could help me with understanding the reasons for my weight issues for a long time. I have been to countless people in town, but each time I got a little piece of the puzzle.

Dr. Chari is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough. In four sessions I have more information about the workings of my body than I ever had!

I have lost 7.5 pounds and 6.5 inches in four weeks which never happened before, and I have to add it was effortless and easy! *

Besides, I feel healthier and happier! I can not thank Dr. Chari enough.I would recommend Dr. Chari to anybody who is serious about losing weight and improving their health.”

Seyma Basbuyuk, CPA
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lost 21 pounds, over 2 pant sizes, more energy and look 10 years younger!"* 


“Before working with Dr. Chari at the Chari Center of Health, I was overweight, tired, had trouble sleeping and suffered every day for 20 years with Acid reflux.

Within a month of working with Dr. Chari, I quickly & easily lost 11 lbs and over 2 pant sizes!* My acid reflux and heartburn were also GONE.

The second month, I also easily lost an additional 10 lbs!*

People have commented that I look 10 years younger, happier and calmer.*

I now have more energy, look and feel years younger, sleep deeply, have greater focus and am more productive. This has positively affected my life at work and at home”.

Thank you!

Scott Santella
Client Services Rep, Hibu

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Seen people improve dramatically... Amazing... improving depression, anxiety, sleep problems and interpersonal relationships"* 

img“I am very impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done by Deepak Chari. I have seen people iimprove dramatically in as few as one to two sessions.

It is amazing to see the power of this work in improving depression, anxiety, sleep problems, stress, work performance and interpersonal relationships.

We are very fortunate to have this program available in our community."

Dr. Janette Hope, M.D., FAAEM, DABEM, DABFM
President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


My experience with Deepak Chari can be summed up in one word, “PROFOUND.”


I have been the type of person that is constantly in search of self-improvement. I have experienced many modalities related to health, mentality, nutrition, exercise, etc. throughout the years.

My experience with Deepak Chari can be summed up in one word, “PROFOUND.”

A true 5 out of 5-star experience!

Your past experiences affect your perception of the now and deeply influence your ability to perform and enjoy life on a daily basis.

Deepak has been able to help me greatly enhance my ability to deal with stress, perform at a higher level and have a clearer insight into my perception of the world around me.

I would recommend Deepak and his Life Transformation Technology program to anyone looking to make profound changes in their life!

Patrick Dockry
President and Founder
ULTIMATE SALON PROFESSIONALS, Health Beauty Life show, Enjoy Haircare
San Diego, CA

“If you have been told to just live with some chronic condition, Dr. Chari is your doctor! Excellent and extremely thorough doctor! *

Dr. Chari is an excellent and extremely thorough doctor! After a bad stomach infection, I became sensitive to many foods and would become sick after eating basic foods. After numerous tests and a colonoscopy, the other doctors said it was IBS, and to just avoid the foods. I was left eating bananas, chicken stock, white rice, and coconut water. I felt very hopeless. When deciding to see Dr. Chari, I was skeptical, pay upfront, get insurance forms, added to the fact that I’m a student with very limited income, it was a risk. But it paid off!

Dr. Chari is incredibly thorough and looks at every facet of your life. Immediately my stomach began to improve.
She will look at different options and treatments until she finds the one that works perfectly for your unique body and situation. She does not give up. She understands and uses alternative therapies, but also how they interact with present medical conditions and medications.

If you’re ready to move away from western pill popping and avoidance strategies but are fearful of taking random supplements from Whole Foods, or some strange herbs from an acupuncturist, because they might interact with your prescription medications, see Dr. Chari. She will safely move you off the RX meds.

Today, I’m eating all kinds of foods, sleeping better, and feeling great!

I highly recommend Dr. Chari. She’s also really nice, friendly, understanding, and compassionate.”

Lisa S.
Bronx, N.Y.

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“… able to overcome my fear of public speaking”
“…able to help me overcome a past traumatic experience” *


Thanks to Deepak’s Life Transformation Technology Program,
I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking and regain my true voice.

“I now have more confidence with communicating in social settings and in my personal relationships I am able to articulate my feelings from a place of love rather than fear.

Deepak was also able to help me overcome a past traumatic experience and my anxiety has lifted dramatically.

I highly recommend Deepak’s LTT program for anyone looking to break free from the past by getting to the heart of the matter.”

Cara Dinote, L.Ac.
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Now back to full energy, acid reflux gone, dry skin was gone, sleeping so much better …. I have never experienced this level of care!" *


I don’t know where to start. I am so pleased, relieved…to find Dr.Chari….she discovered issues that I did not know I had…food allergies, sinus issues I could not shake, digestion issues…I thought I was eating healthy but realize I was off course….

Before I had low energy & had to take naps. Now back to full energy and naps are a thing of the past! Before, I had acid reflux…. now gone! My lungs were not functioning well and had shortness of breath… now completely turned this around!
I am sleeping so much better…

I had sinus issues, allergy issues and cannot believe after a lifetime of suffering Dr. Chari was able to isolate the issues and I have never felt this way…I am so darn pleased I could shout!

I even had extreme light sensitivity and that has diminished..

Dry skin…gone…Dark circles under my eyes greatly diminished.. I feel calmer well balanced all the way around.

I have never experienced this level of care…I have referred many friends and they are all super impressed….

I hope my words have done justice to the Chari Center because this is quite the find!

Don Meredith
President,Tactical Income,LLC
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. * 

"I was ecstatic with the quick results with Dr. Chari with my eczema! .... and Deepak, being able to clear my limiting beliefs nothing short of a miracle, I feel a new peace!" *


Before working with Dr. Roopa Chari and Deepak Chari, I struggled with eczema on my skin and scalp most of my life. About 3 months prior to my first appointment with Dr. Chari, my eczema started to flare up quite badly.

A month before my appointment I had a severe rash starting just under my eyes, down my neck, both arms and hands and beginning on the rest of my body. The burning and itching was so bad I could not sleep or do my job properly. I saw a doctor in Alaska (where we were on a cruise with guests on board) who diagnosed shingles and treated me for that, with no results. I had to wear gloves and long sleeves just to handle food. It got so bad I had to leave my job, as a chef on a motor yacht, to seek help.
I have seen many doctors. World renowned dermatologists in California and New Zealand, Naturopathic and Acupuncturists without seeing a significant improvement. I have spent many thousands of dollars in my ongoing search for optimal health. From different doctors and specialists, I have also been prescribed every cortisone cream known to man and high doses of prednisone with no results.
As a chef on a motor yacht, I work long hours and cook for up to 14 people at a time. Because of my skin condition, I had left the boat, and possibly my career. I had left my husband, as we work together, all because I could no longer cope with the discomfort of my skin. To say I was depressed would be putting it mildly. Depressed, angry, frustrated and sad had become my new normal.
I felt my life had spun out of control and didn’t know where I was going to land. Thankfully I landed in The Chari Center of Health.
After my first visit with Dr. Chari and making some Ayurvedic changes to my diet, along with starting natural remedies the results were very fast. My pain and itching would have been classified at a 10 on that first appointment. However after following Dr. Chari's program, my itching is now down to a 1 on the 1-10 scale.
I also am sleeping much more soundly at night and waking only once to urinate, instead of 3 or 4 times a night. My skin no longer feels prickly when I touch it and I have not had one moment of sore joints or swollen fingers. I am excited about my future now instead of dreading tomorrow!

After what I had been thru with other doctors, I was ecstatic with the quick results with Dr. Chari!
Dr. Chari, you seemed to know exactly what I needed the first time I stepped into your office. It is so nice to work with an M.D. who actually listens and cares. I have tried many different modalities while seeking health, but everything else has fallen short of the mark. The fact that you combine Eastern Medicines with modern medicine gives your patients the best of both worlds and your knowledge of food as medicine is an additional bonus.
I came into your office with my mind and body in complete chaos and you were quick to recognize that I needed to also clear some past issues before I could heal completely.
I didn’t realize how much stress was contributing to my health issues and how much my earlier experiences had programmed me to be right where I was. Being able to clear away past traumas (and there were many) and move forward with a lightness and joy, has been a marvelous result.
This brings me to you, Deepak. Your Life Transformation Technology Program gave me back my joy, which has been lost for a very long time. I feel like I now have a voice that has never been heard. Addressing my limiting beliefs and being able to clear them in such a timely manner is nothing short of a miracle.
I now feel that I have learned skills that will help me deal with life in a much healthier manner. Boy is it fun to feel good!
I am no longer looking for a worst case scenario, I can be in a stressful situation, deal with it and walk away now. That was impossible before. I feel a new peace.
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

-Jane Palmer

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


I am less reactive, more assertive and more confident. *


I have experienced many different healing modalities throughout the years and even though they have helped me improve on many levels, my healing was limited to what I could only address at the conscious level. Through Deepak Chari's Life Transformation Technology Program, my emotional state of being improved tremendously! During each session, my subconscious mind was releasing what was necessary to help me live my life in a much more empowering way. I am now able to handle life's challenges without feeling the huge burden that I used to feel, I am less reactive, more assertive and more confident. I highly recommend Deepak's program to anyone who wishes to grow personally and improve in all aspects of their lives. I am very grateful for his work!

– France Barringer,
Transformational Author, Mentor, Healer and Coach

Author of: Healing The Broken Pieces Of My Life & Healing Guidebook

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"Thank you Deepak for the life-altering sessions!" *


With Deepaks gentle and intuitive matter-of-fact guidance and this particular, voice biofeedback technology computer software therapy, I have experienced profound insights into my deep seated emotional family patterns. *

It helped me recognize, neutralize and heal old conditioning. I now feel freer, happier and enjoy interacting with people so much more in a personal way.

All my life I have been seeking help through many different forms of therapy. This work has the best and longest lasting beneficial effects on me.

Therefore I highly recommend this Voice Biofeedback Therapy with Deepak to anyone who feels the need to heal pains from past experiences!

– Caterina L.
Del Mar, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


“…happier, more confident and at peace with myself”


"I have received so many benefits from working with Deepak Chari

I feel Deepak has been healing hurtful programming from my childhood, parents, and ancestors. While exposing hidden issues that do not serve me, I am more alive and present to myself

There were times in my life that I felt invisible and timid especially while growing up. I now feel like a magnet that people are drawn to and I happily share who I am with others.

I am happier, more confident and at peace with myself. I feel empowered l love the person I am becoming. Loving myself gives me the ability to really see and love others. I am present to myself and others.

My dreams are more vivid and am sleeping deeper. I am more focused and proactive. I notice things in my surroundings and am more organized and efficient in accomplishing what is necessary and feeling good about the outcome.”

Betse Bernstein, HHP
Therapeutic Thai Massage Practitioner
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"Improved energy… dizziness & skin rash gone, wake up energized, calm in stressful situations and stomach pains are gone!" *


Before working with Dr. Chari at the Chari Center of Health, I struggled with severe anxiety, difficulty falling and staying asleep, dizziness, fainting sensations, general weakness, headaches, skin rashes, and stomach pains at night.This all affected my quality of health and life. I had to stop going to the gym, causing me to gain considerable weight and lose my muscle mass.

After working with Dr. Chari, I have improved energy, dizziness is gone, the skin rash on my arms is gone, I can sleep faster and stay asleep when I wake up I feel energized, and my stomach pains are gone.

I now feel calm even during stressful situations, I can concentrate on my work and school, and I have returned to the gym and an active lifestyle.


Josue Calderon
Sr. Usability Analyst
Pasadena, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"My blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol are in excellent control and dizziness stopped..." *

Before working with Dr. Chari, I struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, chest tightness while walking after dinner, dizziness, urinary problems with weak urine streams and getting up too many times at night to urinate. 

After working with Dr. Chari, I have experienced positive changes following her recommended dietary changes and advanced natural remedies:

  1. I have had high blood pressure for over 40 years and I have been able to stop one medication and lower the dose of another.  My pressure is in excellent control and I plan to lower the dosage of another medication.
  2. My Lab work improved tremendously.  Cholesterol levels improved, blood sugar improved, PSA levels dropped, liver enzyme levels decreased to normal, and inflammation markers decreased.
  3. I now have much more energy and am more active.  I do things sooner rather than later.
  4. I do not notice any dizziness now and can walk with little or no chest tightness.
  5. My urinary symptoms have improved.  My urine stream is stronger and I need to get up less often which enables me to get better sleep and get up feeling rested.

Needless to say, following the recommendations by Dr. Chari has made a tremendous improvement in my life and my outlook in life.  By reducing the number of prescription drugs, l feel less tired  and feel a lot better. 

I now do not dread going to my regular doctor and having him prescribe additional medications to try to control my blood pressure or control my cholesterol.  I can look forward to having an active and healthier life . 

Thank you Dr. Chari.


Ken T.


Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *



"Reduced Anxiety & Increased confidence!" *


 “Before my first Life Transformation Technology session with Deepak, I was preparing to perform at the largest venue I have ever performed at, and was dealing with significant performance anxiety.

I was amazed by the results I had after my first session at the Chari Center. I felt fully in my power and was able to sing with a level of confidence without holding back, to perform better than I ever have, and I had the best audience response I’ve ever had!

The results are quite profound, immediate and tangible.I find Deepak to be incredibly skilled and impressively intuitive, and I highly recommend this program to everyone!"


Stephanie Jospa
Santa Barbara, CA

"There has been a reset and those old patterns of thinking are no longer part of the fabric of my life..." *

Before working with Deepak Chari, I struggled with fear, rejection, anxiety, rumination, and frequently felt uncomfortable in my skin. I had these problems and they cost me some friendships, and damage to other relationships because I was so scared of not being loved (i.e. being rejected). I felt like I couldn't manage my emotions when I was triggered by feelings of rejection.

In just a few sessions with Deepak earlier in the year, I noticed over the course of the last 6 months:

- That I feel much more comfortable in my skin,

- I don't take things so personally, and therefore do not get that same feeling of rejection that I used to.

- I feel more balanced, and not afraid.

-I would say that I feel more "flow" in my life.

I feel level. It's very hard for me to understand the science of how this works, but I'm over 50 years old and I have struggled with the same things my entire life. I wonder, could I be so fortunate to have this new way of being? Because I like myself so much better now that I'm not so sensitive and looking for a rejection monster around each corner.

I have done years of talk therapy, cognitive therapy, EMDR, and even hypnosis. So, it's not like I haven't tried to process through my struggles. Now, it's as though there has been a reset and those old patterns of thinking are no longer part of the fabric of my life and way of being. I'm very thankful to be on the other side of what was costing me so much mental and emotional energy.

K.N. San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Calmer, More Certain, Much Less Reactivity, Better Decision Making!" *


“Deepak Chari’s Program assisted me in releasing a pattern of reactivity that has led to my experiencing more joy and peace of mind every day. I have more patience, and I feel more creative in problem-solving. I am able to see options in even the most challenging circumstances!It’s very different from talk therapy, in that it bypasses the conscious mind and goes to the source of the discomfort, in a way that is comfortable and relaxing.Deepak is an excellent practitioner; extremely non-judgmental and kind.I recommend this program to anyone!

Julia Loggins
Author & Health Practitioner
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"Lost 15 lbs, several inches in waist & hips & renewed energy!" *

“Before I found the Chari Center of Health, I was 15 pounds overweight, had pain in several joints, and very low energy.* Within a few weeks, I had lost almost all of the excess pounds, several inches in my waist and hips had renewed energy and the pain in my joints was greatly reduced.*

I attribute these gratifying results to Dr. Roopa Chari’s seasoned diagnostic skills and holistic approach to health.

After ordering and reviewing blood tests and a DNA test, Dr. Chari prescribed the foods and supplements that my body needed to reach and maintain a healthy weight, and, happily, to fit into those clothes I’d been holding onto in the back of my closet.

I respect Dr. Chari’s philosophy that each person has unique dietary needs based on current state of health as well as inherited genetic tendencies.

I trust her recommendations and intend to continue being monitored by her as my body changes, to ensure that I will reach and maintain my optimum state of health.

Thank you!

Durga Andre
Ojai, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“…profound experience and unique healing technique”


“What a profound experience and unique healing technique. Deepak took the time to explain the how the process and technology work in detail and how sound vibration can heal past wounds.

This made sense to me as all matter, our bodies and energy are composed of vibrations (sound).

Not only did Deepak’s LTT (Life Transformation Technology) Program unlock and heal some past trauma, his intuitive style helped facilitate the process at a deeper level.

I found Deepak to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and passionate about this healing process.”

I have worked with many different healing modalities and would recommend Deepak as a way to "repair" past memories in the subconscious.” 

Tyrone Lam
Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

From Fear To Trust…

Synchronistic Events occurring constantly in my life & Relationships…… I couldn’t believe possible!

My working with Deepak has helped me on so many levels. Before working with Deepak’s LTT program, I felt constricted in my relationships and in myself. Things felt like work; little ease and flow. I was coming from the harshest part of the grief of the ending of a 31-year relationship and still was holding on to fear and resentment.

After my sessions with DeepakI have been more trusting of others and myself. I’ve noticed synchronistic events constantly occurring in my life, and a new trust and relationship with myself and the source are growing every day.

I have been more observant of my feelings and thoughts, and much less reactive to them. My relationships with everyone in my life is evolving in ways I couldn’t believe possible.

The patterns we have all been stuck in are falling away and opening to new levels of communication. I am a believer in the power of this work, and it continues to work on me, like layers of the onion.

– Kristina Coggins

I had severe insomnia for over a year, was depressed, anxious & I am sleeping deeply throughout the night and my depression is gone! This saved my life!

I had severe insomnia and not been able to sleep for over a year.  I was going to sleep at 2 AM because I could not fall asleep earlier since I was not drowsy. I would roam around the house at 11 PM since I couldn't sleep and then lie down at 12 AM but still couldn't fall asleep. I then stayed awake in bed and tried to get comfortable but I still could not sleep so I would read and then sleep from 2 AM-5 AM but it was not deep sleep and then at 5 AM, I made breakfast for my family.

I would then later only fall asleep from 7 AM-9AM and started my day after that. I was exhausted and that affected my health and immune system and my outlook on life.

I was getting very depressed and anxious since I could not sleep. On my own I tried melatonin, tryptophan, 5 HTP, amino acids different herbs and even pharmaceutical marijuana and nothing helped!

A doctor said they could check my neurotransmitters to see why I could not sleep. I also don't have sleep apnea so no one could figure out why I could not sleep.

I almost wanted to end it all and give up because you have no hope and was I thinking about suicide because I thought if I can’t sleep I don’t know if I can live the rest of my life like this. 

Because I couldn’t sleep, my depression was so severe and I have spent hundreds of dollars on medication for sleep.

I really felt like I was at the end of my rope and was very depressed after having seen so many medical doctors and no one could help me! I wanted to avoid sleeping pills because they are so addictive and I didn’t want to be a zombie.

I then saw Dr. Chari for sessions with the Tesla sound technology. After my first session with Dr. Chari, I immediately slept a deep 4 hours. After my second session I sleep deeply from 10 PM to 1 AM with deep restful sleep. Then I used the restroom and I fell asleep for another 3 hours which was deep solid sleep!

I wake up feeling refreshed. I now feel there is hope. It feels like a different world and a new me!

I am not reacting negatively to events that happen in my life. I am also not snapping at my family when things don’t go my way.

Even my depression is not there. This is the difference between night and day, this is one incredible technology! I am not overstating this, this is the truth.

Sleep is the most important thing you need. Thank you, this saved my life!


Joe Fernandez

San Diego, CAggb

"Unique clinic for those seeking the biggest bang for their well-being…" *

I am a middle-aged man in good health. I was introduced to the Chari Center as an alternative to traditional medicine. Although Dr. Chari is a practicing internist, she promotes holistic methods as a means of the causes of ailments (rather than just treating the symptoms). Under her prescription, I had full spectrum blood tests performed to identify my present state of health. Dr. Chari then reviewed the results of the test.

At each level of diagnosis, she explained the relevancy of the test and the significance of her findings. Following her evaluation, she confidently corrected any issues by providing me with remedial supplements which address the source of the irregularity. I have followed her advice and experienced a remarkable improvement in those few issues which affected me. Where supplements were not warranted, she provided me with nutritional counseling and helpful recipes for healthy meal preparation. I am happy with the results, which in such a short time speak for themselves.

Her brother, Deepak, offers sessions in addressing one’s subconscious sabotage of optimal health.
Unique clinic for those seeking the biggest bang for their well-being.

La Jolla, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"New Business Contacts & Opportunities!" *


When I arrived at the Chari Center, I was actually in a very bad state emotionally and stress wise. I was extremely stressed out because of some personal circumstances. 

After experiencing your amazing program, all of my anxiety was gone!* I felt so liberated and freed and happy! Your powerful program has helped me both in my personal life and in my business. As a result of your Perception Reframing program, I was able to release the huge emotional and stressful baggage that I was carrying about certain events in my life. Once that was cleared, wonderful, miraculous things began manifesting in my life!I can’t describe how big and liberating and freeing it is to be in that space!

New amazing business opportunities & lots of incredible new business contacts suddenly manifested for me. I feel so grateful and happy. It has been really amazing. Thank you very much!

Anita Joglekar
CEO & Founder Rainmakers Worldwide, LLC

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

I safely lost weight, have excellent energy, my blood sugar significantly decreased... and I am off the blood pressure medications!

When I first met Dr. Chari, I was in pretty bad shape. I had excessive blood sugar that wasn't well controlled by the medications I was on, including insulin. In addition, I had increasing heart irregularity, Atrial Fibrillation, which was requiring a lot of medication to treat. I had recently gained weight, wasn't sleeping well, and had symptoms of depression. I was drowsy during the day and my blood pressure, heart rate (pulse) were out of normal ranges.

To make matters worse, I was physically weakened, stiff, and achy. I had trouble lifting myself out of the bathtub even. Exercising was very difficult.

Dr. Chari, is an excellent listener and a skilled and well-informed physician who incorporates ayurvedic and chinese medicine into her program.
She prescribed nutritional counseling with meal plans and dietary recommendations, as well as specific natural supplements & remedies for losing weight and for heart health and diabetes.

As a result of my "12 week program" I safely lost weight, 7 lbs and counting:

  • I now have excellent energy and am exercising regularly with the treadmill, swimming, biking and walking.
  • I am no longer short of breath and can exercise much more intensively.
  • My blood sugar has significantly decreased and I am on much reduced insulin with excellent blood sugar readings.
  • My Blood pressure is stable and I am completely off the blood pressure medications. The beta-blocker dosage for AFIB was cut in half, which reduced other side effects.

She helped me detect a key potential cause of my symptoms by getting a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea which other doctors did not address.

My depression is now much decreased and I am feeling much better emotionally.

One very happy consequence of my improved health and outlook is that I was able to meet someone new and establish a serious romantic relationship.
That would have been far out of reach in my former state.

If any of these symptoms sound like yours, I strongly recommend Dr. Chari and her program. You will thank yourself later.

Carlsbad, CA

"Greater Clarity, Creativity, Calmness, and Patience" *


“I have been working with a development team to create a groundbreaking television program – a show that both entertains AND gives the audience tools to love life more. It’s a major undertaking, beyond anything I’ve ever done.

After my LTT sessions with Deepak, I noticed greater clarity and greater comfort being in the unknown with this project… and a significant creative breakthrough.

I also have noticed a greater calmness and patience in my interactions around issues that historically irk me… such as insurance and computer issues. This has also shown up in some beautiful and intimate conversation with my children as well.

I highly recommend Deepak and his work to anyone wanting to enjoy life more!"

Stu Zimmerman
Co-Host, Get Conscious Now! TV program

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides!" *

When I first came to see you about my cholesterol concerns my Total Cholesterol was 252 – Triglycerides 161 HDL 50 & LDL 170. As you recommended I followed your health program over a few weeks and then had further blood work done. I couldn’t believe the changes! The new blood results read – Cholesterol 169 – Triglycerides 115 HDL 55 & LDL 93!!*

Thanks again!

– R.G, Cathedral City, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *


"Greater Mental Clarity, Focus and Confidence"


“After working with Deepak and the Chari Center Life Transformation technology, mental blocks instantly vanished as if they never existed!

I have a greater mental clarity and focus. A feeling of greater enthusiasm & passion for my life and dreams. And a growing confidence to express myself in all my creative projects.

I feel that the sky is not even the limit anymore….that there are no limits.

In addition, since working with Deepak, channels of opportunity and creativity have been opening up very quickly and effortlessly. All is possible!I don’t know how this technology works, but I do know that the results are magical. I can see them in my life.



Harrigan Logan
Writer, Songwriter & Singer

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“Working with Deepak Chari has been life altering for me.

I had been experiencing barriers in my spiritual progress that I could not identify. I always felt there was something holding me back, like a roadblock that said: “no further.” I had no idea what it was, but it seemed impregnable and defeating.” *

With gentle probing, Deepak was able to help me dive deep into my subconscious and finally meet my adversary. It was childhood programming that had been implanted early on: programming of limiting religious beliefs, guilt, judgment, and shame. While my rational adult mind had long since moved away from those beliefs, I was still being controlled by my silent subconscious beliefs.

Once I could see and understand what was hidden there, it was easily released and dissolved. Since that time, my progress has been gratifying. The old barriers and resistance are simply gone. I am much more at peace with myself and living in joy on a daily basis. The relief I feel is extraordinary and amazing on many different levels.

I cannot say enough good things about Deepak or the ways in which he is able to help people make profound changes in their lives. Whatever situation someone may be struggling with, such as family relationships, social difficulties, health issues, or something like mine, Deepak has a gift for transforming people’s lives.

With deep appreciation,

Diane Fish
Orange County, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"I have experienced synchronicity after synchronicity…" *


“Deepak Chari’s Life Transformation Technology Program changed my life in ways that I didn’t know could be changed! He helped me clear deep programming that was holding me back from chasing after what I wanted out of life. Others have noticed a certain magnetism to my field that was being blocked before my clearing sessions.

I have experienced synchronicity after synchronicity and am making connections that are bringing me closer to my destiny. I generally feel a complete turnaround in my perception of the world. After my sessions, smells were crisper, I felt different in my body and I just couldn’t stop smiling!”

Deepak Chari is the real deal!!!

Lana Porter
Austin, Texas

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"More Creative and Confident" *


“After the three sessions I have had with Deepak I feel more creative, confident and grounded in who I am and what a difference I make here on earth with every thought I have. I love the synchronistic co-creation that happens constantly that I am becoming more and more aware of daily!"

Elaine Abercrombie
Abercrombie Fine Homes Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Past President SBAOR

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. * 


"Noticed Major Improvements In My Life!" *


"After several sessions with Deepak and his Life Transformation Technology Program, I noticed major improvements in my life. The first was improved self-confidence which has helped in my business.

The other was better mental clarity and being able to problem solve. I cannot say enough about Deepak’s program and would highly recommend it will help you in life on so many levels.”

Glen Hodges
Co-owner, Color Services: Custom Photo Lab
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. * 

“The work I did with Deepak Chari has made a tremendous difference in my life.

, I am seeing more of the bigger picture than I did before!
Clearing some of the traumas of the past, as we did, has made more room for the good things to come in. Since our last session, I have been aware of more beauty, more humor, more love, and it is easier now to not ‘sweat the small stuff’!I felt a dramatic shift as though I had walked into a beam of light! And the best part is that it was not merely a one-time, lovely experience — I have been living this out every day since!This work was a dynamic and incredible, valuable experience!"

Claudia Sobel
Artist & Playwright
Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Wonderful amazing place of peace and healing in these chaotic times…" *

“The Chari Center of Health is a wonderful amazing place of peace and healing in these chaotic times, it serves as a beautiful oasis in the middle of a desert. For all those who would like to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being, it is highly recommended that they visit The Chari Center, not once or twice, but as often as they possibly can!”

John Haricharan
Award-Winning author of the best-seller,
“When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"The Chari Center’s way of the future is progressive and far-reaching in healing mind, body, and spirit…" *

“I have been a client of The Chari Center and have experienced amazing success! I am grateful to Deepak Chari and The Chari Center for their guidance as these techniques and technologies have enhanced my life and health in a very expedient way.

The Chari Center’s way of the future is progressive and far-reaching in healing mind, body, and spirit. The technologies hold an amazing ability to help us reach back into our subconscious mind and help clear emotional traumas.

Thank you for your loving guidance and wisdom.

With gratitude,

Gloria A.,
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"After visiting The Chari Center with their Health Programs and Advanced Technologies, I lost weight, have clearer skin, feel very calm and focused and have a lot more energy.

The Charis’ truly care for you!”

Roma Kaul
Public Relations Director, Rancho La Puerta,
San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *



“With Dr. Chari’s program, I was able to lose 12 lbs. and feel Great.* Dr. Chari gave me leading-edge health recommendations that other doctors are not aware of which has helped me to lose weight and improve my quality of health. I highly recommend their services”.

Thomas I. Morse, Executive Director (Retired)
Global Preservation Projects
PO Box 30866
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Acid Reflux & Fatigue Gone… and Lower Blood Pressure!" * 

I came to The Chari Center because I have had severe acid reflux and fatigue. Upon visiting the Center, I also found that I had high blood pressure. I was put me on a Natural Treatment Program and my acid reflux and fatigue are gone and I have more energy. My blood pressure has also gone down significantly. I am just thrilled that I found The Chari Center!
– Kathryn G., San Diego 

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lost 14 lbs., Hot Flashes Gone & Look Younger!" *  

“After visiting The Chari Center, I lost 14 pounds, my hot flashes are gone and people have told me I look younger!* Thank you!”

– R.S., Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Sleep now without medications!" *  

” I was dependent on daily medications to sleep for over 7 years. Now after coming to The Chari Center, I’m sleeping without any drugs!* I have my life back!”

– J.S., Santa Barbara, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Abdominal pain gone!" * 

“The Chari Center is very professional and comforting. My abdominal pain has gone away and Dr. Chari has helped me with my eating (nutritional) habits, supplements, and general well-being. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest and healthiest!”
– M.T., San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Normal menstrual cycle now & insomnia gone!" * 

“Following The Chari Center Program, my periods are now on a normal cycle and I sleep easily even after a stressful day despite many years of having irregular periods and insomnia”.

– G.D., Hawaii

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Fatigue & Panic Attacks Gone!" *  

“Prior to visiting The Chari Center of Health, I didn’t have enough energy to get up in the morning much less make it through the day. After the Charis’ treatments, I feel better than I have in years and have energy left over at the end of the day. I was also having trouble with panic attacks and trauma and after only one treatment with Thought Field Therapy these feelings are now gone!”

– P. B., Carlsbad, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lifetime Phobia gone!" * 

“After just one treatment using Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT) at The Chari Center, my lifetime phobia was conquered!”

– V.K., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Menstrual cramps and junk food cravings gone!" * 

“With The Chari Center’s treatments and remedies, my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is gone, my menstrual cramps are gone along with junk food cravings”

– S.C., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Stopped Smoking!" *  

“I just wanted to let you know that I AM A NON-SMOKER thanks to your techniques! I can HARDLY BELIEVE the remarkable changes in myself!! I greatly appreciate your help in the reclaiming of my power and freedom. It is WONDERFUL! THANK YOU!”

– E. B., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Lower Cholesterol!" *

“Following The Chari Center Program, my total cholesterol went down from 360 to 150! My LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 263 to 86. This proves to me that this program works!”

– L.B., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Sleeping Deeply Now!" *  

“I have been a light sleeper for many years, waking three to four times each night. I am now able to sleep over four hours at a time and sleep five to six hours very deeply and very restfully. Even waking briefly, I am able to return to a deep sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. Thank you, both!”

– Bill B., Santa Barbara

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Quickly Overcame my Trauma!" *

“After experiencing a traumatic event, Dr. Chari and Deepak Chari were extremely effective in helping me to overcome the traumatic symptoms. I experienced the Charis’to be very intelligent, informed, open-minded, kind and generous. They integrate the best of Allopathic and Alternative Healing Methods!”

– Z.M., psychologist, Oregon

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Stopped Smoking!" *  

“I highly recommend The Chari Center of Health to stop smoking! I have not smoked! I can’t believe how much better I feel and how much energy I have!”

– M.W., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

"Chronic Fatigue & Mental Fog Lifted!" *

“I am thrilled with the results of the sessions I am having at the Chari Center of Health. My body was poisoned by an over the counter medication in 1989. Immediately after the first session, the awful fatigue I have felt for so many years from the chronic fatigue syndrome lifted and has not returned! As treatments continue, I am experiencing a substantial release of the toxins that have been in my body for years. We continue to successfully work on this. The arthritis and the fibromyalgia are also improving. I am beginning to take less medication. My head is much clearer- less of the fibromyalgia fog”. “There is no question that I am feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally. I continue to look forward to the sessions as I regain good health! With gratefulness and appreciation.”

– E.A., La Jolla, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“After my visits at The Chari Center of Health, my serious medical problems began to heal dramatically.*  Their use of several mind-body techniques and their kind heart have helped my healing immensely. I’m very grateful to The Chari Center for their skill and kindness and for their ability to help me heal myself.”

– G.V., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

 “The Charis’ are kind and extremely knowledgeable. My health radically improved immediately!” *

– M.B., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“I have been a client of The Chari Center and have experienced amazing success! My sessions with the technologies have enhanced my life and health in a very expedient way. The Chari Center’s way of the future is progressive and far-reaching in healing the mind and body. ”

With gratitude,
Gloria A., San Diego, CA

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“What multi-faceted healers the Charis’ are! Like a rare diamond, they shine their healing knowledge in all directions-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!”

– Mary F. Marcina, Oregon

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

 “Dr. Chari is the most thorough MD I’ve ever been to! She has a great ability to encourage total wellness.”

– K.J., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

“My visits at The Chari Center have been very rewarding. It has been a pleasure. My health is much improved in only two weeks!”

– G.M., San Diego

Each program is individualized and results vary person to person. *

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