Quick Health Tip For High Blood Pressure

Eating foods high in potassium may help lower high blood pressure. Potassium is a simple mineral with a very important job: helping your heart to beat a hundred thousand times a day. It may even help lower your cholesterol since many diets proven to lower cholesterol are also high in potassium!

Potassium is a critical electrolyte found in abundance in soil and seawater and is important for all plant and animal life. Potassium has many functions such as allowing our muscles to move, our nerves to fire, and our kidneys to filter blood.

In addition to other heart-healthy steps such as lowering your intake of table salt & processed foods, drinking purified water, decreasing stress levels and exercise, be sure to eat potassium-packed foods such as bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, avocadoes, dried fruits such as dates and raisins and beans & peas!

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