Top 3 Foods For Your Brain Part 2 Of 3

Top #2 Brain Healthy Food:

Walnut oil & Walnuts:

Amazingly, the folds and wrinkles of a walnut even looks like a brain!

Walnuts and walnut oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (known as alpha-linolenic acid) and polyphenols (antioxidants also found in plant foods like dark berries).

The omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols found in walnuts and walnut oil can boost your mental performance by keeping the outer membranes of your brain cells healthy. This is important because healthy cell membranes (outer protective barrier of your cell) means that the receptors on your cells function well to properly take in chemical signals such as important brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).

This is very important because neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that help us think, feel and move!

In addition, studies have also shown walnut oil decreases LDL cholesterol and blood pressure especially in response to stress and remember heart health is directly related to brain health.

Research has also shown that one ounce of walnuts which is the amount normally recommended for heart health may actually help block inflammation at the cellular level. Walnuts may decrease markers of inflammation such as c-reactive protein.

* This is very important because inflammation in the body and brain has been linked to degenerative brain diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Tip: Eat a few walnuts everyday (5-9) . Consult your health care practitioner before using walnut oil to treat specific health conditions due to the possible interactions of omega 3 fatty acids and prescription medications.

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