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So many diets exist that promise to help you lose weight, but few bring long-lasting results and actually improve your health. Dr. Roopa Chari, M.D. at the Chari Center of Health in Encinitas, California, has created a supervised medical weight loss program that’s tailored to fit your unique biochemistry, genetic makeup, and body constitution. This integrative medicine approach to losing excess pounds and belly fat can also help resolve the issues that put them there in the first place. Call us today for a free 15 minute medical consult at 760-230-2711 or use our convenient online scheduling service.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why do diets fail so often?

The main reason those “one size fits all” fad diets don’t work for everyone is that your nutritional requirements are unique to your body shape, size, and metabolism. Dr. Chari at the Chari Center of Health creates a customized program designed around your nutritional needs as well as your food preferences and lifestyle.

Dr. Chari’s medically supervised weight loss program provides you with the appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals to ensure your diet restores nutritional balance to your system as you lose weight. The program also takes the pounds off quickly so you remain motivated to continue.

What medical issues interfere with my ability to lose weight?

Many people have underlying food sensitivities, hormonal and blood sugar imbalances and toxins affecting their ability to lose weight. Dr. Chari works to resolve these issues via the integrative healthcare approach to holistic medicine. She’s built a five-step program to help you achieve successful weight loss.

What are the five steps to losing weight?

If you would like to lose those excess pounds once and for all, Dr. Chari recommends:

  • Removing inflammatory foods from your diet and replacing them with foods compatible with your DNA.
  • Rebuilding your gastrointestinal tract’s health.
  • Nourishing and strengthening your cells, organs, and tissues.
  • Balancing your hormones, including adrenals, thyroid, female and male hormones, and blood sugar.
  • Cleansing toxins from your colon, liver, and kidneys.

How does this program work?

Dr. Chari will guide you and coach you through the steps with her medical weight loss program. The program includes education and instruction with design menu plans targeted at weight loss but focusing on foods that are healthy and taste great.

Dr. Chari will also help you develop strategies for reducing cravings and overcoming emotional eating that sabotages many diets. True motivation to continue the plan comes when you begin to experience rapid weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, and other health benefits as a result of following this medically supervised program that’s customized specifically for you.

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