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The medical professionals at the Chari Center of Health in Encinitas, California, use integrative medicine to address your health care needs from a holistic perspective.    

Dr. Roopa Chari, M.D. is an Internal Medicine physician who practices integrative medicine combining the best of complimentary and alternative medicine with traditional medicine when necessary.  Dr. Chari combines advanced natural remedies, mind/body techniques and the latest wellness technologies that will make you healthy and happy! She treats your medical conditions and corrects deficiencies in your diet, balances your hormones, detoxifies your body, addresses your lifestyle and emotional well being. Dr. Chari combines a holistic approach with medical professionalism and individualized care.

Dr. Chari's brother Deepak Chari, M.S. is a certified Biofeedback Specialist and engineer who incorporates a powerful voice biofeedback technology program to quickly release stress and anxiety at the both conscious and unconscious levelThe benefits of working with Deepak include greater self confidence, not getting emotionally triggered by others, improving relationships and living the life you deserve and desire! 

Their advanced approach to medical care focuses on restoring your good physical and emotional health by treating the actual root cause of your medical conditions.

Dr. Chari and Deepak Chari have been featured on The Learning Channel and other cable TV shows, as well as local and national radio shows, due to their advanced remedies, techniques, and technologies in mind/body medicine.


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